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balahblahblah xD

whutt a bored day it is.. beggin ma moma cuz i wanna go slack slack
witt fwen soo damn susah… haha. but then
after the beggin.. my mum lett me
go out… so happi lee..
so this is wht i do

went out arnd 1 plus .then slackslack fer awhile . arnd 2 plus , i leave .
trained to cck . saw besties .i hug them super tight ! imy girls ! :D
then meet dearest at cck .walk to usual place n its was raining .wah , cold or what ? hahahahaha .laugh alot there . took some pics with dearest .awwh :) hehe . me likey ^^
around 5 plus , wanted to go home .but smtg happened . so went home later than i planned .thenthen walk tojp . saw fwens. talktalk then trained home :)

im sorry fer keeping secrets :((


okay , i wanna be honest here . but first n foremost , im sorry if the words i say hurts anyone im refering to .

to z ,why wont u just give up on me ?i’ve been telling u to give up on me since last year .come on , there is alot of girls out there .but why me ? im not the one fer u , im sorry .i just dun like it when u blame me fer all the heart aches .is it my fault ? i told u so many times .we can never ever be tgt . haishh .im sorry but if hurting u n making u hate me is the only way fer u to forget me , then i will do it .i dun want to hurt u anymore , u get me ?haishh .
n to F ,omg , srsly . stop stalking me !i dun want to hurt u .so pls , dun make me hurt u .move on can ? dun wait fer me PLS !
to Bazli ,im sorry fer hurting u before .im really sorry .i know i shudnt do that to u .i was stupid . im sorry if you still wanna hate me , then its okay . Friday, June 4, 2010 about: tk buhleii tido pehh pasal!
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Aku tak cukop tido. Nak tahu apasal? Sebab, aku kenal ngan satu Mamat ni, dia becok to the max kalah aku seratus kali. Betul tak bedek. Nak bedek korang, tak dapat duit. So apa kena mengena dia becok pastu aku tak tido? Pasal according to Mamat ni, aku dah jadi Minah Rempit sepenuh masa for the last dua hari.

about: damn bored!
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omg.. sch holidae was such a damn bored! i can’t even go out n miit my fwens..
haiyooo.. all i do at home is just watching tv..listen to musics..on the laptop.. n otp with my fwens..
i wish sometink new is coming up next.. its just damn bored ya know!!!
idk wat to do so i update my blog.. still kinda sad cuz my blogg is still not like wat i expected.